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Dark Matter:

Is it possible that the objects in distant galaxies see more normal mass locally

than we see in those galaxies from Earth due to special relativity?

Or could extra mass come from the multiverse?

The multiverse:

Could all the universes exist in the same reality but each on a different frequency

just like TV channels in a cable?

Every time you change your speed you tune in to a different frequency and a different universe.

What other ways could you tune in to a universe? Can you go back to the one you started in?

The wizard of oz took a balloon trip, just tap your heels together three times.

Black holes:

Look like an eye ball.


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Double slit experiment and quantum entanglement, my explanation.

Jun 20, 2021 7:50 PM by Discussion: Everything Else

In the double slit experiment, the bar with the two slits is a lens.

If you change the location of the lens it changes the focal point

which changes the picture you see on the screen and the results 

of the experiment. You can go a step further and put on the wrong prescription

glasses when you view the results of the experiment, this will change the entire

history of the experiment and change the results you observe.


On to entanglement.

You have two entangled electrons, you measure one and determine the spin.

When do you think you know for sure the spin of the other entangled electron?

Answer: When you measure the other entangled electron.

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Something to ponder

Aug 5, 2020 1:05 AM by Discussion: Everything Else

We have a 20 pound weight and a scale on the surface of Earth that

we will take on this trip.

We have a space ship that has a new engine that accelerates particles

of matter to propel it self and can accelerate for years if necessary.

We blast into orbit around earth and are traveling 17000 miles per hour.

Alpha Centauri, 4.3 light-years from Earth is our destination.

The engine is turned on and using our 20 pound weight and a scale

we accelerate at a constant 32 feet per second per second toward Alpha Centauri.


Question 1: Using our acceleration rate to calculate our velocity,

what is our velocity after 355 days ship time and is this the velocity we are really going?

Question 2: After 355 days ship time how far is it to Alpha Centauri?

Question 3: How many days have we observed go by on Earth?

Question 4: We have an experiment on earth that checks the one way speed of light,

using a laser a clock a detector and a set distance.

We put it in a room at sea level parallel to the floor. The laser fires every 5 minutes

and we get the same time stamp for 24 hours. Do we get the same time stamp if we point

the experiment straight up and do we get the same time stamp if we point

the experiment 45 degrees from straight up?

Question 5: After calculating the answer to all these questions will we

understand the "uncertainty principle" and what year will it be?


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Take the pill.

Apr 23, 2020 12:03 AM by Discussion: Personal Computing

Location - AppData\LocalLow\Microsoft\CryptnetUrlCache\Content

I've noticed an increase of data coming into this folder since back in March.

10MB to 18MB per session. The most I saw in the past was 3MB.

I have seen it on more than one operating system.

Could it be to make the Internet more efficient or something else? [e digicons]*_*[/e]  


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A fifth grade math test

Nov 28, 2019 1:08 AM by Discussion: Everything Else

You are taking a job on the other side of the country 3000 miles away

and you have to be there in one week.

You will drive a fully loaded personal truck with a fully loaded

box trailer. Each day you will drive 600 miles starting at sun up

and you will stop at a motel 6 at night to rest.

I researched the Tesla truck and it sounds like you could have a 500 mile

range and at a Tesla Megacharger station you could get an 80% charge and

400 more miles in 30 minutes of charge time, making it possible to use for your trip,

assuming that you can get the 500 mile range with a fully loaded 

Tesla truck and trailer?

Question 1 How many days will it take to get to your destination?

Question 2 What kind of truck will you drive on your trip?

Question 3 Any comments?


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You've been warned

Apr 10, 2019 12:39 AM by Discussion: Everything Else

Will a self driving car be able to see in dense fog in the day time?
I use fog lights and slow down.
What happens when the detector can't see but the brain box thinks it still can?
Human drivers know from instinct what other human drivers might do in many
driving situations. Human drivers can't predict what self driving cars will do,
adding another layer of uncertainty and possible chaos to a human's drive.
How many miles have the people driven who think self driving cars is a good idea?
When given a split second choice will the self driving car hit a cow or the bus?
I'll take the cow choice and aim for anything but dead center.
Will a self driving car even know one is a bus and one is a cow and take into
account the speed, direction, weight and possible passengers of each choice?
Cruise control for the gas is all I would use and have used, I would never feel safe in a self driving car.
They are crazy.

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Fast and accurate

Apr 9, 2019 12:22 AM by Discussion: Windows Discussion

I've been looking for a long time for a program that will do local backup fast and accurate
after the initial backup.
After many disappointments I finally found one.
FreeFileSync is the program I found.
I wanted a mirror of my files that I could easily update.
This program is straight forward and easy to set up and use.
It will compare two locations and list what has changed so you can look it over.
It does this lightning fast and then you can decide to synchronize by pushing a button.
There are settings so you can decide how you want to Sync the files and you can name and
save the Sync job settings. When you push the button to Sync it gives you a read out and is fast
as your hardware will allow. I have tested this software and found no errors.
It works great.

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A review

Jul 4, 2018 7:22 PM by Discussion: Internet

Recording music is a hobby I use to escape the grind
and that is all.
You can upload your own songs, pod casts, DJ Mixes and other audio to
Audiomack to share with friends, promote your band
and also listen to streaming music there.
It is easy to setup your personal page, you can put a banner
at the top and a picture of you or your band.
Uploading is easy and you can load an album picture
with each song if you want. I have been using the site
for a few months and so far I find that the site is reliable,
pages load fast, everything works great, the site is coded well
with no bugs and hassle free. It has tools so you can embed
songs on blogs and other sites if you want to.
Here is a link to my page.

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or proof that length contraction doesn't occur.

Mar 16, 2018 2:21 AM by Discussion: Everything Else

We have a space outpost 1 light year from earth that we want

to send a message to in much less than a year.

We have a collection of satellites in large orbit around earth

and a collection of satellites in large orbit around the outpost.

Each satellite will have a large mirror for collecting, focusing and reflecting

our transmissions. Each satellite will travel at 99% the speed of light.

When we transmit our message from earth we will utilize a satellite near earth

and a satellite near the outpost that are traveling toward each other. 

Because the satellites are moving toward each other at almost the speed

of light the distance between the satellites will be contracted (length contraction).

The message will only have a short trip between the satellites. This will allow

a message travel time of much less than a year from earth to the outpost.

We are simply reflecting a message through an alternate reality.


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Information you might find useful.

Feb 16, 2018 6:03 PM by Discussion: Personal Computing

Here's the skinny.

I turned a computer into a guinea pig.

For 20 months I used only a firewall, opera and firefox.

The browsers were stock and kept up to date.

The computer OS was not updated.

After the 20 months I scanned the whole computer with

updated windows defender and found nothing.

The computer works great, don't try this at home.




Background Intelligent Transfer Service

Delivery Optimization

Update Orchestrator Service

Windows Update


All are disabled


The last 2 must be on to access recovery.


Kill windows defender updates

Administrative tools 

run as administrator

Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

Block incoming and out going MpCmdRun.exe (Microsoft Malware Protection Command Line Utility)

it is in windows defender program folder.


Kill auto installing apps

Block app installer in firewall and or uninstall in apps.


Turn off auto update by the computer manufacturer. Hunt it down they are all different.

You are on your own with your programs.

I trust no security software all I have used screwed the start sequence

and I had to get rid of them before the computer was inoperable.

You can trust them if you like to. I have had no problem with windows defender yet.

Use opera and firefox preferably at the same time.

Don't try this at home.


The following works on windows 8.1

Cut down on unnecessary auto maintenance.

Set windows defender to custom scan and don't select any thing.

It still scans processes or something.

It will reset to quick scan after restart.

I do a quick scan once a week with the other maintenance.

Why scan it if nothing changes I have real time scanning on.

Speed up your computer,turn off real time scanning.

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