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or proof that length contraction doesn't occur.

Mar 16, 2018 2:21 AM by Discussion: Everything Else

We have a space outpost 1 light year from earth that we want

to send a message to in much less than a year.

We have a collection of satellites in large orbit around earth

and a collection of satellites in large orbit around the outpost.

Each satellite will have a large mirror for collecting, focusing and reflecting

our transmissions. Each satellite will travel at 99% the speed of light.

When we transmit our message from earth we will utilize a satellite near earth

and a satellite near the outpost that are traveling toward each other. 

Because the satellites are moving toward each other at almost the speed

of light the distance between the satellites will be contracted (length contraction).

The message will only have a short trip between the satellites. This will allow

a message travel time of much less than a year from earth to the outpost.

We are simply reflecting a message through an alternate reality.


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Information you might find useful.

Feb 16, 2018 6:03 PM by Discussion: Personal Computing

Here's the skinny.

I turned a computer into a guinea pig.

For 20 months I used only a firewall, opera and firefox.

The browsers were stock and kept up to date.

The computer OS was not updated.

After the 20 months I scanned the whole computer with

updated windows defender and found nothing.

The computer works great, don't try this at home.




Background Intelligent Transfer Service

Delivery Optimization

Update Orchestrator Service

Windows Update


All are disabled


The last 2 must be on to access recovery.


Kill windows defender updates

Administrative tools 

run as administrator

Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

Block incoming and out going MpCmdRun.exe (Microsoft Malware Protection Command Line Utility)

it is in windows defender program folder.


Kill auto installing apps

Block app installer in firewall and or uninstall in apps.


Turn off auto update by the computer manufacturer. Hunt it down they are all different.

You are on your own with your programs.

I trust no security software all I have used screwed the start sequence

and I had to get rid of them before the computer was inoperable.

You can trust them if you like to. I have had no problem with windows defender yet.

Use opera and firefox preferably at the same time.

Don't try this at home.


The following works on windows 8.1

Cut down on unnecessary auto maintenance.

Set windows defender to custom scan and don't select any thing.

It still scans processes or something.

It will reset to quick scan after restart.

I do a quick scan once a week with the other maintenance.

Why scan it if nothing changes I have real time scanning on.

Speed up your computer,turn off real time scanning.

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Jun 11, 2017 1:51 AM by Discussion: Personal Computing

Open after market browser


Click 3 vertical dots on upper right to customize

Undock window

Click network tab

Red button on left stop recording

Check box to work offline.


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Here is a possible explanation.

Nov 26, 2016 2:56 AM by Discussion: Science & Tech
Time is the propagation of electromagnetic radiation,time is light.
The speed of light is a constant because there is no way to
detect time changing speed in your own frame of reference.
The speed of time-light is only an operant constant.
The universe is filled with electromagnetic radiation,
light has a finite speed possibly because light must travel through itself,
this could be the limiting factor.Only light can travel at the speed
of light because light is time. If you could travel at the
speed of time,for you no more time can pass.AS you approach the speed
of time-light,time-light gains on you less and less and time-light for you slows down
but you can not detect this until you return to the clock you left at home.
You can't measure the contraction of the length of an object with a ruler
that is contracting with the object,time-light is the ruler.
If light traveled at an infinite speed,reality would end with one spike
in an infinitely short time.
The universe must be AC.
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Mar 23, 2014 1:29 AM by Discussion: WinCustomize Talk

Can I still save a skin or wallpaper to my favorites or is that feature gone?

[e digicons]:beer:[/e] [e digicons]:frogboy:[/e]

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Nov 21, 2011 4:01 AM by Discussion: WinCustomize Talk

A man named Fred wins ten million in the lottery and moves to Montana
where he builds a house and prepares for the end of the world.
After building his house Fred starts work on a bomb shelter
where he can live through any disaster.Fred stocks the shelter
with food, ammo, guns, radios, batteries, water and everything
he can think of that he will need to survive the end of the world.
Just after completing his shelter Fred hears a radio broadcast alerting
the public that a nuclear war has begun. Fred races to his shelter
goes in and shuts the door to the outside world behind him.
Fred sits in his chair and turns on his emergency radio to
monitor broadcasts of news.
Behind Fred is the door to the Beefaroni closet.
Suddenly a stranger jumps out of the Beefaroni closet, shoots
Fred in the back of the head and places him in a body bag.
The stranger then takes a seat in the chair Fred was sitting in
and begins monitoring broadcasts for news.
The End.


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Jul 8, 2007 3:35 AM by Discussion: New Releases
A giant space craft pictured on a launch pad during
countdown on a distant alien world.
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for cursorXP

May 5, 2006 8:22 PM by Discussion: New Releases
"Worlds" cursor pack for cursorXP.
Made to match my worlds skins.


Let me know how it works?

The weather on Jupiter is nice today.
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Space vehicle

Feb 11, 2006 11:50 PM by Discussion: New Releases
Gravity Shield 1 wallpaper

Space vehicle:

Propulsion: Gravity Shield

The ship has a long fuselage with a gravity shield antenna at the back end.


Read full description

I hope you like it.
Let me Know?
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Mastering, CD burning, tagging .mp3 for the net.

Jan 2, 2006 5:26 AM by Discussion: Personal Computing

One process I use.


Step 1:
I record the different tracks of my song using the Boss BR-8.
Rhythm, bass, lead guitar and so on.

Step 2:
Now I am ready to do the final mix of the song.
I hook my Boss BR-8 to my computer using an optical cable.
My computer is equipped with Sound Blaster Audigy platinum EX.
This has an external connection box which will hook to the optical cable
From the BR-8. This is a digital hook up.

Step 3:
I can now use my high quality computer speakers to listen to my song
While I use the BR-8 to adjust the mix.
Once I have the mix adjusted to my liking I use Acid 2.0 to record the final mix.
Now that it is recorded using Acid 2.0 I can use the Acid program
to adjust the final out put volume to the Max db with out distortion.
I now render to a high quality .wav file using Acid.

Step 4: Creating a master on CD.
Now using the process above I have all my songs for my final CD
Stored on my computer as .wav files.
I can now use the computer to burn all my songs onto a CD.
This will be my digital master CD.
I can use a stand alone CD copier to make copies of my master CD at high speed.

Step 5: Tagging .mp3 for the net.
Now I want to put one of my songs on my website.
Using Creative Play Center which comes with Sound Blaster Audigy platinum EX.
I will convert one of my songs from a .wav file to an .mp3.
With .mp3 files you can select a wide range of compression.
128 kbps is what I like to use, good enough quality and good amount of compression.
40 MB turns into 4 MB or so.
The .wav file has more sound integrity to the trained ear.
I will now tag my .mp3 using the file info tab in Winamp. (Open the .mp3 with Winamp)
This is where you record title, track #, artist info, copyright, album, URL, comments, and so on.
Now my song in .mp3 format is ready for upload to my website and the net.

Recording music in the digital age, part I.

My songs on the net can be found here.

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